Genuine Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

Suitable for use with DURAFIX Aluminum Repair Rods

 It is Only sold by Weeks Distributors
  • Instant On-Off trigger increases fuel savings and convenience.
  • Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use.
  • Swirl flame tip for maximum heat output Keeps cool.
  • Pressure regulated to burn upside down.
  • Stainless steel burn tube.
  • Cast aluminum body.
  • Replaceable brass burn tip that keeps cool.
  • Burns either LP (Propane) or MAPP gas.
  • Makes any job easier.
  • Gas is not included.
  • Made in the USA.
All Prices Below are in US Dollars Shipped to the USA,
Canada, Latin America except Argentina, Colombia and Mexico
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Price Shipping to the USA & posessions via Priority Mail
priority mail to the usa
Shipping included to Canada via Air Mail air mail to Canada air mail to the Americas Shipping included to Latin America Except Argentina, Colombia And Mexico via Air Mail
1 Torch Only $39.95 +$7.00 shipping total=$46.95
+$20.00 shipping total=$59.95
+$35.50 shipping total=$70.45
1/2 Pound Kit plus Torch Combo
Save $5
1 Torch, 1 S/S Wire Brush, pound of rod, 9 to 13 Rods, 18"x1/8" (11 average)
$58.90 +$19.00 shipping total=$71.90
Quantity: 1/2 pound+torch
+$32.00 shipping total=$90.90
Quantity: 1/2 pound+torch
+$54.50 shipping total=$113.40
Quantity: 1/2 pound+torch
1 Pound Kit plus Torch Combo
Save $5
1 Torch, 1 S/S Wire Brush, 1 pound of rod, 17 to 26 Rods, 18"x1/8" (22 average)
$73.90 +$19.00 shipping total=$86.90
Quantity: 1 pound+torch
+$35.00 shipping total=$108.90
Quantity: 1 pound+torch
+$54.50 shipping total=$128.40
Quantity: 1 pound+torch
2 Pound Kit plus Torch Combo
Save $14
1 Torch, 2 S/S Wire Brushes, 2 pound of rod, 34 to 52 Rods, 18"x1/8" (44 average)
$103.85 +$16.00 shipping total=$119.85
Quantity: 2 pounds+torch
+$36.00 shipping total=$139.85
Quantity: 2 pounds+torch
+$56.50 shipping total=$160.35
Quantity: 2 pounds+torch
3 Pound Kit plus Torch Combo
Save $34
1 Torch, 3 S/S Wire Brushes, 3 pound of rod, 51 to 78 Rods, 18"x1/8" (66 average)
$122.80 +$19.00 shipping total=$141.80
Quantity: 3 pounds+torch
+$37.00 shipping total=$159.80
Quantity: 3 pounds+torch
+$64.50 shipping total=$187.30
Quantity: 3 pounds+torch
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Bernzomatic TS4000TBernzomatic TS4000 bernsamatic trigger start torch ts-4000 t torch ts 4000 burnzomatic burnsamatic 4000. The bernsomatic / burnsomatic torch.

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